Snow Leopard

    Kashmir, India


    We slowly made our way up the mountain stopping from time to time to catch our breath and scan for any signs of the cat. We were about 14,000 ft above sea level and every breath my lungs would burn.

    My legs were on fire and my camera gear felt like a dead weight. 

    I stopped for a moment to catch my breath and gather my thoughts. 

    I was tired and my body felt weak. The only way was up and I had to keep going.


    After taking a long deep breath, I moved forward towards the ridgeline while counting my steps, in the hopes that it would ease the hike. My feet moved in slow motion and all I could hear was the crunching of snow.

    It was hypnotic; and the sound echoed through my bones.


    It was about 2.5 hours in to the hike when we came across a landing.

    I placed my camera gear down and took my backpack off. I let myself fall backwards into the snow and surrendered myself to mother earth.

    It felt like I had only lay down for a few seconds when I heard a whisper from the guide, “there is a cat on a kill”.


    It took me a moment to process his words. Gathering my strength I slowly made my way up the frozen river, weaving through the bare winter trees and taking in as much oxygen as mother nature would give me.


    My vision was blurry and my glasses fogged up with every breath. I felt like I was getting nowhere on an escalator going the wrong way. Every step was a personal challenge to reach that cat. The thought of finally seeing her kept me going. The last 10 meters were a struggle both emotionally and physically. I was out of breath, exhausted and fell to my knees.


    After taking in a deep breath and letting my heartbeat settle,

    I looked up.


    There she was.

    The queen of the mountain in all her beauty.


    While silently thanking her for honouring me with her presence, I lifted my camera….. and captured her soul.


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