Emperor Penguins

    Snow Hill, ANTARCTICA


    There’s a saying that goes something like “nothing worthwhile comes easy.” The Kapitan Khlebnikov is a polar-class icebreaker combining power and technology with a little comfort. This 24,000 horsepower exploration vessel of advanced ice-breaking technology takes you places no other boat can — the mode of transport I decided to take to Antarctica.

    Three weeks before I captured this image of the Emperor Penguins, I lost my mentor, my dad. He was an adventurer, a great photographer and had an incredibly fulfilled life with many stories to share. He inspired me to do the same, live.

    After arriving in Ushuaia, I boarded the Khlebnikov Icebreaker and unpacked my camera gear only to realize that I had picked up the wrong tripod. It was my fathers tripod, a tripod he had given me many years ago when I started my photography career. Rugged enough, however, unsure if it was up for the tasks that lay ahead.


    As I disembarked into the icy embrace of Antarctica in search of the Emperors I set my tripod up, carefully mounting my camera while imagining my father doing the same thing back in the day. Being more of an emotional photographer than a technical one, I take my time to connect with my subject, capturing a moment my audience can embrace. And with this compassion I captured this image, "Family" that reminded me of the unconditional love between my father and I. 


    I guess I did not bring the wrong tripod after all.


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