After waiting for three days, there was finally a break in the weather giving me the opportunity to take off in the helicopter and land safely on the ice floes off the East Coast of Canada.


    The pilot and I geared up and ran towards the waiting helicopter determined to get going as quickly as possible knowing that the weather could change at any minute.


    We successfully took off, with the pilot carefully differentiating between the ice floes and thick clouds that previously made the horizon impossible to see. As we safely came into land, the harp seals had been giving birth, the pups and mothers were scattered across the floes as far as my eye could see. 


    With strictly one hour on the ice, I knew I needed to focus on one pup in the hopes of building enough trust to capture a memorable image. I slowly scanned the horizon for my subject. “There it is,” l whispered under my cold breath - now with less than an hour to gain the trust of the young pup, l slowly made my way towards the subject respecting its space and capturing its playful behavior. 


    I was on their time, their territory, I was honored. 




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